The cruising starts the minute you untie the dock likes.  From our base in Fajardo Puerto Rico, you are less than 1.5 miles from the nearest great anchorage, 13 miles from the most beautiful beach on Earth,  and a one to five hour sail to dozens of islands including St. Thomas, St. John, Palamino, Culebra, and Vieques.  You can get here with a non-stop direct flight from over 50 cities in the US, Europe, or South America, and within two flights of about anywhere.  Because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US, US citizens don't even need a passport.  

In the Spanish Virgin Islands, you get the best of both worlds.  We always say "Its definitely a part of the US, and it's definitely NOT a part of the US".  We have all the comforts of home - Costco, Burger King and Walmart, the US Dollar,  and most people speak at least a bit of English.  But remember, Puerto Rico was a colony of Spain for 400 years, so the people and the culture are very Latin, which is a really good thing.  Nearly everyone is friendly, offering a greeting as you walk past, or saying 'Buen Provecho' if they see you eating.  It is common to hear salsa music any time of day, and you are bound to see someone spontaneously start dancing when that salsa beat is playing - even at 10:00 am!  There is just a 'Latin electricity' in the culture that is more joyous, proud of their culture,  and full of life than any other island in the Caribbean.  As the commercial and industrial hub of the Caribbean, our economy is not based on 'parting vacationers from their money' like the other islands - people have real jobs here.  The people of Puerto Rico are very proud of their island, and we want you to fall in love with it too.

We also have a satellite office in St. Thomas, and many of our guests choose the one-way charter option to or from there.  This gives you the freedom to explore more areas, sail more with less of an agenda, or to have down-wind trade-wind sailing your entire vacation.  

Consistent Trade Wind Sailing - 360 Days a Year

Our winds here are really perfectly suited for sailors.  Thediurnal influence of the islands of Puerto Rico calm down the trade winds nearly every night, and fill in a bit before noon.  When you want to sail east (typically against the prevailing wind), sailors wanting a smoother ride leave early in the morning, and have until late morning until the breeze fills in. Often you can have flat calm seas.  Sailors that want a bit of spray in their hair and some real sailing can count on 12-20 kts of fresh breeze from the east every afternoon.  Have a good breakfast, a nice swim, and then expect an exciting sail through to mid-evening, when you tuck into your protected anchorage for a relaxing evening.  Perfect sailing conditions nearly every day of the year.

A Catamaran that's Just Right for You

We only charter catamarans, because we know they offer the best of all worlds for your vacation.  They are more stable, faster, have more space for your luxury and comfort, and are safer.  Unlike other charter companies that offer one type of boat for the lowest common denominator, we offer a variety of yachts to best suit YOUR needs.  Our yachts have been hand-chosen to offer the best options of any catamaran charter company in the world.  Want the most exciting sailing you've ever experienced?  Book our Catana and see double digit speeds every day.  Want room and luxury? Our Lagoon 50 is for you.  Or don't know how to sail, but want the comfort, safety, and stability of a cat - our power cat awaits.  We keep our boats in a condition rivaling that of any charter cat you can find, but are a few years older, in order to offer you the best charter value anywhere.  At Sailing Cats, you can have it all - the best design for your particular needs, on an extremely well maintained yacht, in an amazing location, with enough 'Spanish Doubloons' left over to splurge when you get here.